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Roof Certification in Fort Worth, TX

If you’re buying or selling a home or building, the condition of that property’s roof could play an important role in determining the final sale price. A roof certification–a special type of inspection separate from a standard inspection–is a great way to alleviate buyers’ concerns. A roof certification has three purposes:

  • To inform a buyer about the general condition of the roof
  • To document the roof’s probable life expectancy
  • To identify any necessary roof repairs

At RS Roofing & Construction Group, LLC, our professionals offer reliable roof certification inspections in Fort Worth, TX.

Answers and Peace of Mind

Involved in a real estate transaction that requires a roof certification? You’ll need to find an inspector you can trust. At RS Roofing & Construction Group, LLC, our inspectors have the knowledge it takes to identify and document any issues related to a roof’s integrity so both buyer and seller can enter into a purchase agreement with eyes wide open.

When you need answers about a roof, you can count on RS Roofing & Construction Group, LLC in Fort Worth, TX. Call us today to learn more about our roof certification service.



Multiple layers of asphalt with shake underneath required complete re-deck